How to Buy Perfect Wardrobe Design for Your Bedroom

Perfect Wardrobe

Finding the suitable balance of functionality and style between your living room or bedroom wardrobes and the rest of your furniture can take time and effort. Before chasing fashionably designed and spacious living room or bedroom wardrobes, you must analyse your preferences. 

‘Tidy bedroom can lead to tidy mind’, most of us will agree with this as there is no doubt that the environment of the room we live or sleep in can have a significant psychological impact on us. 

A messy bedroom can raise stress levels by impacting the overall quality of your rest time. Here’s how to choose a bedroom wardrobe in 3 easy steps:

Perfect Wardrobe Usage

There is a huge number of different wardrobe options available on the market, be it 2 or 3 door wardrobes, mirrored, sliding, fitted or freestanding variants. And that’s also just for the frame styles. Once you open up the doors of the living area or bedroom wardrobes. 

There are unlimited options with different configurations and combinations of drawers, shelves, hanging space, and shoe racks that can be included inside. To begin with, you need to find out first what kind of storage space options will meet your needs. 

You can use sections for cosmetics or accessories, drawers for smaller clothing items, hanging space for clothes and shelves for shoes.

Once you are clear about the layout of your wardrobe, then you can move next to figure out the functionality it needs to have, which will help you further with the interior and exterior specifications you need it to meet.

Perfect Wardrobe Functionality

Being aware of the clothes hanging area you will utilise in proportion to the types of dresses you have is vital. If you intend to keep long coats, evening gowns, formal dresses and dressing gowns in your closet rather than elsewhere in the house. 

You’ll most likely require hangers to maximize the length of your wardrobe while using the half-height rails to hang the short dresses, suits and jumpers, so that you can immediately get the benefit of double hanging space.

In the case of storage drawers or shelves, take note of what you are primarily using them for. A lot of wardrobes today offer innovative interior designs that include built-in storage for jewellery, shoe racks and cubby holes that can be adjusted to help you organise your space as well as reduce clutter. 

Such modern-day 3 door wardrobes can even eliminate the need for extra bedroom wardrobes.

You should pay a good amount of attention to check the depth of shelves; past a certain point, they tend to act as a black space where your clothes can disappear, and you will have a hard time finding your items at the back.


Take note of the exact location in your home where the living room or bedroom wardrobes will go and stick to the plan. A huge piece of furniture is usually difficult to move (and can become more challenging if it’s a fitted design). 

Most rooms, in general, tend to have only one such place that can accommodate something that is as large as a 2 or 3 door wardrobe, so it should be placed in a suitable spot.

A common dilemma is how big your living room or bedroom wardrobes should be. This can be easily figured out by considering a few basic factors, such as the size of your bedroom and the types of necessities you have for the wardrobe. 

If space and budget permit, our suggestion is to opt for the biggest wardrobe you can with a realistic approach so that you have enough space to walk through doors, move freely in your room and squeeze your other pieces of furniture. 

Opting for tall bedroom wardrobes is again a great idea to maximise storage space. This space is excellent for storing bedding or seasonal items, or other things that don’t require regular usage.

Many people strive for fashionable and spacious bedroom wardrobes of celebrities and other famous personalities. Before drawing inspiration from their stylish wardrobes. 

you need to understand your preferences to make a well-informed choice. There are different kinds of 2 and 3 door wardrobes available in the market catering to the precise requirements of each individual. 

This buying guide will come in handy while picking the perfect model to let you turn your bedroom into a clutter-free sanctuary while ensuring additional scope for more organised living. 

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