Space Optimization Strategies to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen

Do you feel limited by your small kitchen? Rising real estate prices have shrunk homes and the kitchen has taken a big hit. While Canadians are new to this phenomenon, your culinary journey doesn’t need to be discouraged with a compact kitchen.

A small kitchen doesn’t need to reduce your love for cooking. You need to make the most of it with clever design and innovative modifications. Home Construction companies in Vancouver have several tricks up their sleeve to make it happen and you may consider adopting some of them.

Tips from home renovation companies in Vancouver BC to make the most out of your small kitchen:

1. Overwork your backsplash

As the name suggests, backsplashes protect the kitchen wall from accidental splashes and spills and have evolved over the years to be an aesthetic accessory to your kitchen. However, you may not have that luxury in a small kitchen. Each and every square foot of space counts, even when it’s vertical.

Instead of a generic backsplash, extract more out of that space with a colourful stainless steel peg board that can be used to hang utensils and other kitchen tools. You can go the extra mile and get peg boards in a colour that complements the kitchen theme. This kind of small renovation in a Vancouver kitchen isn’t just cost-effective but adds a stunning look.

2. Create a smooth flow with kitchen appliances

Certain kitchen appliances are used in sync and in the usual order. When you keep kitchen appliances far away from each other, it breaks the flow and adds to the frustration in your kitchen. This can be easily avoided by integrating kitchen appliances and having relevant appliances close to certain kitchen features.

For instance, the oven, sink and fridge should always be within close proximity so that you can take ingredients out of the fridge, wash them under the sink and cook them in the oven. Moreover, you can install a folding chopping board that hides in the cabinet and saves you space on the countertop. These thoughtful and small custom home renovations can improve your quality of life immensely and add more value to your tiny kitchen.

3. Allow in natural light

Small spaces feel small when they look dark and dim. Install several powerful LED lights in the kitchen and it would still look gloomy. Instead, add more natural light sources in your kitchen to expand the space. Add a large window or two that tricks you psychologically into thinking that you are working in a bigger space. Moreover, natural sunlight elevates your mood and creates an inviting vibe in the kitchen. Get rid of distractions that may block sunlight and use colours that maximize sunlight diffusion and reflection.

4. Get the most out of kitchen corners

Corners always remain underutilized and the same holds for kitchens. However, a small kitchen doesn’t leave room for such luxuries and you need to get the most out of those spaces. Add corner shelves over the counter space for displaying your best cookware and tableware. The corners under the counters can also be very useful with a bit of clever storage solutions.  For instance, they may be in the form of folding shelves that store away small but less frequently used kitchen appliances like waffle makers or slow cookers.

5. Switch to induction or electrical cooktops

Gas cooktops used to be the default option for most homes and your home may not be any different. However, gas cooktops are also very unsafe and come with additional hassles. They require more maintenance and are difficult to clean. A dirty cooktop will always slow you down in a tiny kitchen.

Instead, consider switching to an induction or electrical cooktop. Most modern induction or electrical cooktops come with flush mounting options and require little to no maintenance. They also make your kitchen tidier. However, these hobs are more prone to scratches and you need to be a bit more careful around them.

6. Open shelving

Open shelving allows you to use vertical spaces in your kitchen in an efficient manner. They allow you to add much-needed storage space. You can keep your spice jars, mason jars full of pickles and other such items on those shelves.

Streamline home renovations in Vancouver by enlisting the expertise of skilled professionals who offer not only valuable insights but also customize kitchen renovations to your unique requirements, making your project a hassle-free success.

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